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2023 Autumn China Mobile Internet TOP Business Value APP Media Rankings
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QuestMobile, a well-known commercial intelligence data service provider in China, has recently unveiled the 2023 Autumn China Mobile Internet Report. According to this report, China's mobile Internet now boasts a staggering 1.222 billion monthly active users. Moreover, there are 351 mini programs with over 10 million users each, out of which 272 have gained this recognition. Among these, the TOP 20 business value App media have been announced.


2023 Autumn China Mobile Internet Report from QuestMobile

The three major mobile app, Douyin, WeChat, and Baidu, have become the preferred marketing platforms for advertisers.

In the autumn market of China, the three most commercially valuable mobile applications are Douyin, WeChat, and Baidu. Douyin is renowned for its short video content and social interaction features, offering enterprises a crucial platform for exposure and product promotion. WeChat seamlessly integrates social, payment, life services, and more, providing both users and businesses with an array of services and marketing opportunities. Baidu, China's leading search engine and artificial intelligence company, boasts a vast user base and abundant data resources, delivering a wide spectrum of promotional and marketing channels to businesses. These three applications command a substantial user base and immense commercial potential in the Chinese market, ushering in novel digital experiences and business opportunities for both users and enterprises. Whether through Douyin's creative short videos, WeChat's social ecosystem, or Baidu's search and promotion services, they have evolved into indispensable platforms for enterprise marketing and brand promotion, collectively shaping a new commercial landscape in China's mobile internet market.

Douyin Short Video Ads and WeChat Social Ads: The Most Favorable Choices for Advertisers.

At present, short video advertising, social advertising, and online video advertising are generating considerable buzz in the media landscape. Short video advertising captures the attention of brand marketers with its distinct content format and rapid dissemination.

Douyin short video search advertising style case

Social advertising garners favor among advertisers for its precision targeting and strong interactivity.

WeChat information flow advertising style case

Online video advertising has become an indispensable tool for corporate marketing, offering visual impact and high user engagement. These three advertising segments employ various media formats to provide a multitude of options for brand promotion and marketing, solidifying their status as one of the hottest trends in digital marketing.

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