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Established in 2021, our Tech Marketing Team specifically serves IT clients looking to expand their go-to-market readiness and potential in Hong Kong. We work closely with our clients’ Marketing Team to solve today’s challenges in a creative manner.
Our mission is to help Tech industry clients enhance their corporate image and ultimately drive sales.  

Since our establishment, we have helped clients with their Hong Kong go-to-market strategy. Our clients include worldwide security companies, global business consultancy firm, and Chinese cybersecurity vendors. 

With our Team’s veteran experience in the IT industry, we have successfully helped our clients bridge and breakthrough into the Hong Kong Tech market. 

We pride ourselves in providing an integrated, all-in-one marketing solution for our clients. From targeted brand building to demand generation campaigns, to content marketing and customer prospecting activities, we have helped our clients successfully execute their Hong Kong marketing strategy.

Whether it is events or publicities or marketing communications, let us help you achieve more. 

We know the top challenges customers face, and the expert advice to solve them. We understand having a good marketing strategy is at the core of every business’ success, directly influencing lead generation and market performance.

Let us be the bridge to help you achieve more.  

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