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Short Video Revolution: Douyin Captivates 550 Million Chinese Internet Users for Search!
Source: | Author:Jolly | Published time: 2023-08-04 | 1210 Views | Share:

In the rapidly expanding short video market, a renowned research report reveals that the current scale of China's short video market is close to 300 billion, accounting for 94.8% of the overall internet users. Amidst fierce competition among various short video platforms, Douyin takes the top spot, boasting over 700 million monthly active users in May 2023, with an average usage time of 36.6 hours per month. In February 2023, Douyin's video search saw over 550 million monthly active users, surpassing Baidu's 530 million, making short video platforms the new hotspots for search.

Short Video Platforms Emerging as the New Search Hotspot

With the assistance of search features, fascinating content, and lifestyle choices are becoming more accessible and engaging for users. As multiple access points have evolved, extensive search covers users' journeys and scenarios. People can now not only search while scrolling through videos on Douyin but also discover recommended searches while directly inputting queries and even search for interesting knowledge while reading comments.

As Douyin's search ecosystem continues to improve, user structures and content formats for search have also undergone significant changes. The range of users conducting searches within Douyin is now broader, with deeper usage and higher frequency. The search intent is more explicit, with the latest data from Douyin showing that users search on the platform approximately thrice daily. Currently, Douyin's search results cover over 200 content categories, ensuring that users can easily find the content they love and engage in real-time interactions.

OLAY Seizes Untapped Search Opportunities on Douyin, Achieving a Staggering 393.1% GMV Growth

Taking OLAY Body Lotion as an example, utilizing Douyin's e-commerce capabilities to identify potential blue ocean opportunities led to the discovery of "Super Whitening Body Lotion," a potential search blue ocean product. OLAY successfully transformed it into the top-ranking body lotion on Douyin's e-commerce annual chart.

Firstly, OLAY Body Lotion identified "whitening" as a popular search term through keyword analysis and industry trends. Market selling points analysis confirmed the competitive advantage and rising demand for "whitening" in the industry.

Secondly, OLAY Body Lotion targeted the high-value and large-volume core audience of "refined mothers" through audience analysis. Upon launching "Super Whitening Body Lotion," OLAY optimized the main image focusing on the keyword "whitening" and utilized Douyin's backend tools to test and enhance the main image click-through rate.

As a result, in 2022, OLAY Body Lotion achieved a remarkable self-broadcast GMV of 65 million RMB. The content and shelves synergized efficiently, with daily GMV surpassing 1 million RMB. Product card exposure increased by 213.07%, the exposure-to-transaction rate rose by 68.2%, and transactions surged by 393.1%, creating another sensational best-selling product.


As Douyin continues to enhance its content ecosystem and search mechanisms, search advertising will become an essential marketing tool and channel for enterprises.


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