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Navigating the Chinese Search Marketing Landscape: Insights from QS Search's Seminar on Xiaohongshu and WeChat
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On the afternoon of July 21st, QS Search Limited successfully hosted an engaging offline seminar titled "Navigate Xiaohongshu and WeChat Search Marketing Landscape in China" at Spaces Sun House in Central, Hong Kong. The event garnered enthusiastic participation and attention from a diverse group of attendees. Brian Chau, the company's Operations and Account Services Manager, delivered a captivating keynote speech, offering in-depth insights into the latest trends in Chinese search advertising. He also shared effective strategies and noteworthy marketing cases for social media search marketing. 


During the seminar, Brian delved into the intricacies of social media search marketing in China, focusing on WeChat search and Xiaohongshu search. He provided a comprehensive presentation on the promotional strategies and marketing case studies related to WeChat and Xiaohongshu searches in social media search marketing. As one of China's largest social media platforms, WeChat boasts a user base of over 800 million Chinese individuals who regularly utilize its search feature to explore content of interest. This brand's foray into Chinese search promotion presents highly promising new opportunities.

Moreover, Brian informed the attendees that Xiaohongshu, often referred to as the "Instagram of China," is equally vital for brands seeking to reach high-potential Chinese users. As a diverse Chinese social media platform covering lifestyle, fashion, and education, the daily search volume on Xiaohongshu exceeds 300 million times.

The seminar received a strong response, with participants expressing appreciation for the valuable insights shared by Brian. They praised the event for offering a deeper understanding of Chinese search advertising trends and practical experiences to address market challenges. 

With the evolving search behaviors of Chinese users, an increasing number of individuals are using multiple platforms to search for content related to their favorite brands or products. For brands, engaging in search marketing in China requires not only addressing this new trend proactively but also choosing a professional partner to drive sales growth and success. Since its establishment in 2014, QS Search Limited has been providing tailor-made Chinese media promotion strategies for clients and has successfully assisted customers from 23 countries in entering the Chinese market. 

QS Search Limited plans to host similar activities in the future, continuously sharing the latest market dynamics and marketing strategies with industry experts and clients. The company remains dedicated to guiding and supporting clients in succeeding in the Chinese market through high-quality search advertising services. For those interested in exploring digital marketing in China further, please feel free to reach out to us at We look forward to providing more value and inspiration to professionals across various industries!

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