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Introducing Qihoo 360 AI Digital Human Square: Interacting with your favorite celebrities and professionals
Source: | Author:Clara | Published time: 2023-06-21 | 1010 Views | Share:

On June 13th, Qihoo 360 held the "360 AI" application release conference, announcing the release of the large model "360 AI 4.0" and "360 AI Digital Human Square".

From Text-to-Text to Video Comprehension: Exploring the multidimensional functionality of 360 AI 4.0

The "360 AI 4.0" released by Qihoo 360 this time has four core capabilities, including the ability to process text, images, speech, and video, which can achieve functions such as text-to-text, text-to-image, text-to-table, image-to-image, image-to-text, video comprehension, and hundreds of sub-functions.

Thanks to the data accumulated by Qihoo 360 Search (, 360 now captures data from 140 million websites every day, including 280 million professional literatures, 120 million industry data, and cleaned data at the level of 10 terabytes used for large model training, accumulating massive data foundation for 360 AI.

Compared with AI products such as ChatGPT and Wenxin Yiyuan, 360 AI not only generates text and images but also has the ability to generate videos. In the text-to-video display, 360 AI demonstrated the function of generating videos based on prompts, which generated a penguin taking a bath in the desert and a galloping wild horse.

Next, Qihoo 360 will integrate 360 AI into its core products such as, 360 Safety Browser, and 360 Security to achieve full intelligence.

Meet your favorite celebrities and historical figures: Qihoo 360's Digital Human Square brings them to life

At the conference, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of Qihoo 360, also released the digital human product "360 AI Digital Human Square". The 360 AI digital human platform has more than 200 characters, divided into two categories: digital celebrities and digital professionals. Digital celebrities include historical figures, idol stars, and literary images such as Zhuge Liang and Sun Wukong, bringing users the experience of communicating with their idols. Digital professionals include "programmers", "operations", "legal specialists", etc. Users can ask professional questions corresponding to the characters.

360 AI digital humans support customization, and everyone can generate their exclusive digital human at low cost. Zhou Hongyi created his own digital avatar on-site and answered questions using his own voice.


As Qihoo 360's core overseas partner, QS Search will continue to bring more news about how to apply the latest AI technology in digital marketing, helping brands effectively promote in China with the latest technology. To learn more about how to conduct Chinese digital marketing through Qihoo 360, please contact us at

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