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Embracing New Opportunities For China's Border Reopening. And Integrating Overseas Brands into Digital Market In China
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The 5th China Digital Marketing Congress, organized by QS Search Limited, finally announced the 2022 annual winners on 16 Jan 2023. It is honored that the great news was reported widely on various influential Chinese news media platforms, such as Netease, Sina, Ifeng, Tencent, China Daily, etc.

Helping foreign firms to grow rapidly in China by integrating diverse digital marketing

Since 2016, The China Digital Excellence Award has encouraged overseas enterprises to try and cultivate the Chinese market for many years. The purposes of the awards are to improve the evaluation system constantly, then select excellent cases and jointly build a large platform for sharing Chinese digital marketing information with outstanding overseas enterprises, helping them keep abreast of the latest trends in China's digital marketing industry, establish more perfect channels and strategies, and enhance their influence in the Chinese market.

The previous China Digital Marketing Awards Ceremonies

The 5th China Digital Excellence Award carefully selected brands with excellent and creative marketing strategy performance from more than 100 marketing cases and presented them with the Best Omnichannel Marketing Award, Best SEM Campaign, and other honors.

The following are the key awards in terms of award setting and considering the marketing trends in 2022 and the development of the industry where the case is located:

The "Best Omnichannel Marketing Award" primarily honors outstanding enterprises that can adapt to the characteristics of Chinese users and flexibly use multiple media platforms such as search engines, social media, and short videos for brand promotion.

The "Best SEM Campaign" mainly recognizes outstanding brands adopting the best-paid search advertising. Through effective search engine advertising strategies, they won the support of their target customers more quickly and precisely to expand their commercial opportunities in the Chinese market.

The "Best Innovative Design Award" aims to reward and recognize exceptional businesses capable of developing targeted advertising ideas by continuously investigating industry characteristics and the profiles of potential users in China, and successfully enhancing the effectiveness of brand advertising through refined advertising and creative marketing.

"With the full resumption of customs clearance in China, digital marketing helps brands gain increasing numbers of accurate Chinese potential customers. Through the continuous cultivation of digital marketing, more excellent cases will inspire fresh ideas for brand marketing!" said Mr. David Ip, the final judging committee of the 5th China Digital Marketing Awards, Qihoo 360 overseas business consultant and founder of QS Search Limited. Congratulations again to all the winners of The 5th China Digital Excellence Award.

The latest trends in digital marketing for overseas brands

The global digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, and the key to success is keeping up with the latest trends. However, the advertising strategies of overseas brands are different from those of domestic brands. 

According to research data from foreign media Statista, spending in the global digital marketing industry in the United States has increased year by year, from $22,6561 in 2017 to $46,4731 in 2022, a total increase of 105%.


The 2022 data shows that search ads and social media ads are the main forms of advertising in the United States, accounting for about 30% and 40% of all spending, respectively.

All in all, search ads and social media ads are the mainstream advertising forms for overseas brands. They should tailor their digital marketing strategies according to the latest marketing trends to carry out brand promotion smoothly.

Various industries gain new marketing opportunities due to China’s Border Reopening

After three years of lockdown, the latest news showed that China fully reopened on January 8, 2023, social mobility resumes, and new opportunities are ushered in for the development of different industries. According to the data, the number of outbound travel-related searches on China's major OTA platforms increased significantly when the new policy was released instantly. Many industries are expected to benefit from the latest policy adjustments in China and usher in a recovery.

The 2022 China Digital Marketing Awards has witnessed the success of many outstanding overseas companies in China through digital marketing strategies. In the new year, the China Digital Marketing Awards will continue to discover representative cases in the field of digital marketing from multiple dimensions so as to build a bridge for overseas enterprises to enter China smoothly, help brands improve marketing efficiency, and open up a broader space for industry development.


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