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Xiaohongshu announced to remove “brand corporation label”, making advertisements less obvious
Source: | Author:Monica | Published time: 2023-01-17 | 897 Views | Share:

Recently, Xiaohongshu upgraded the Dandelion brand label component. The original “brand corporation label” has been upgraded to “brand label component”. Brands can choose whether to display the "brand corporation label" according to their marketing needs. Simply put, there is no longer a requirement to display a "brand corporation label" as long as the brand wants to. It should be noted that before January 5th, Xiaohongshu had already arranged the not-yet-released Dandelion notes no longer have to display the “brand cooperation logo” by default.

It is understood that the brand cooperation transaction function was launched in March 2020. Since then, the platform Xiaohongshu had started to manage the operation of the business notes that were included in the cooperation notes. Brands and bloggers were required to report to Xiaohongshu if they wanted to cooperate. Then, Xiaohongshu will mark the “brand corporation label “on the business corporation notes.

In August 2021, the advertisement or sponsorship labels on the business notes recommended by natural traffic are removed. Instead, the brand cooperation label began to appear in the lower-left corner of the business notes image. In addition, the brand cooperation logo display time is 5 minutes. When the user clicks on the brand cooperation logo, he or she will be taken to the homepage of the corresponding brand account. If the user returns to the original page, the brand cooperation logo will disappear automatically until the merchant note is closed and reopened.

Until January 2023, the “brand cooperation label” was changed into the “brand label components”. Brands can choose whether to display the "brand corporation label" according to their marketing needs. This feature is available at no additional cost.

It should be noted that the upgrade of Xiaohongshu is beneficial for bloggers and brands which release cooperative soft articles because users can no longer tell at a glance which notes are advertisements and which are purely personal.

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