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How to make use of the China policy changes to boost the travel intention of the Chinese consumer?
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Since the outbreak of Covid 19, China tourism has been at a standstill for almost three years. Many Chinese citizens began to feel hopeless about the idea of traveling. Just when everyone thought Chinese people were not allowed to travel during the New Year, China recently released shocking news.  

1. China resumes outbound travel, and its people have a strong desire to travel

On December 26, China finally announced to resume outbound travel in an orderly manner. This may be the most exciting news for Chinese citizens in recent years. So how did Chinese citizens react to this? According to Baidu's internal data platform, the search popularity of train and air tickets, attractions of countries, and hotels in China have increased significantly. In particular, the top search for train and air tickets rose by nearly 200%, while the search for attractions and hotels increased by 30% and 36%, respectively. A series of data shows that after nearly three years of closed borders, many Chinese citizens strongly desire to travel abroad.

 China’s Covid-19 policy rollback prompts surge in travel-related searches

(Source: Baidu)


As China announced to resume of outbound travel, Hong Kong also announced to reopen of its borders with China. More than that, Hong Kong's travel policy has been drastically relaxed. From January 8, travelers can visit Hong Kong by obtaining a negative result from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or rapid antigen test (RAT) 48 or 24 hours before going to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, travelers do not need to be quarantined, and they are free to go anywhere, even without vaccination records.

2. A helpful tip for your ads to stand out in the tourism industry — list out the travel policies of the specific regions

Since the outbreak of Covid 19, many countries have implemented travel policies for incoming passengers, such as quarantine and vaccination requirements, etc. Passengers are more concerned than ever about a country's travel policies. Here is a helpful tip to help your ad stand out during this period: list the travel policies of the specific regions. Please see below.


The above ad listed Hong Kong's current travel policies, including no more mandatory quarantine, no more vaccination requirements, and no more mandatory PCR testing on arrival. Next, it listed the prices, discounts, brief info, contact details, etc. These should be included in your ads since they are essential to promoting a tour. 

After nearly three years, the border between Hong Kong and mainland China is finally reopening. The relaxed Covid 19 policy would likely act as a dynamic element in your ads. By emphasizing how easy it is to travel to your specific destination, the audience's travel intentions are likely to be increased.

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