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Recruit talented Chinese students on Baidu following the rising demand for overseas study
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Despite the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic over these years, students in China have consistently expressed a desire to pursue higher education abroad. Moreover, international education brands have always attracted talented Chinese students. Educators predict that this trend will continuously increase in the future. Thus, the campus recruitment market on Chinese platforms is indispensable.


Increasing demand of overseas study in China benefits international education brands promotion

China is the world's largest exporter of students. New figure published by UCAS shows that there is a threefold increase in Chinese applicants from 2013 to 2022. Despite the Covid epidemic and China's stringent lockdown policies, a record-breaking 31,400 Chinese students have applied to British universities in 2022, a 193% rise from 2013. The number of Chinese applicants account for 1/4 of the international students in local institutions, surpassing the total number of international students from EU countries for two consecutive years. Therefore, promoting your overseas education brands on famous Chinese platforms like Baidu is the best way to reach talented students wanting to study abroad.


Overseas schools and education agencies utilize Baidu Search Ads to promote their brands

Various educational institutions, such as HKU Business School, the International University of Japan, and Valeon (an oversea education agency), market their brands on Baidu Search Ads.


What are the advantages of advertising your education brands on Baidu? To begin with, Baidu, the top Chinese search engine, strengthens your brand's image. Moreover, Baidu ranking number 1 to drive traffic maximizes your brand's reach of Chinese students. Additionally, brands advertising on Baidu grant Baidu Official Certification enhances the brand's credibility. All in all, promoting your education brands on Baidu can significantly increase the Chinese student enrolments of your international institutions.

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