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"Temu", The overseas version of the Chinese e-commerce giant, was officially launched
Source: | Author:Amie | Published time: 2022-10-21 | 723 Views | Share:

"Temu" was officially launched by Pinduoduo in North America in September, serving as an overseas version of the Chinese e-commerce giant.

On September 20, it was reported in the media that Temu will not launch the "Slash It" (砍一刀) feature overseas for the time being and that the team will adopt a content community on the mobile side to increase the conversion rate of transactions. Temu's platform products were launched yesterday, with a beta period from September 1 to September 15, after which they will all be open for sale. However, "Slash It" and group buying are not yet available in the app.

According to media reports, Temu is opens to merchants of all categories. The first batch of merchants is targeted at those engaged in foreign trade export business or with experience in cross-border platforms such as Amazon (US: AMZN), eBay, Shein, and Sotheby's, with priority given to small and medium-sized items that can be shipped by air.

Temu is a cross-border e-commerce platform launched overseas by PDD on September 1, targeting mid-end customer groups. The slogan in the Apple AppStore is "Team Up, Price Down", that is, "group makes the price lower", reminiscent of a series of "social fission" methods of PDD's main site in China, especially the most widely spread "Slash It" activity.

For Temu, copying the communication means of PDD's domestic "social fission" to open the market is no longer appropriate. Compliance is the key challenge of PDD's cross-border market.

Some people in the cross-border industry said that the European and American markets are not suitable for PDD to adopt the popular domestic "Slash It" method, and there will be risks of "induced marketing" and "unfair competition". However, "social fission" is not completely unadoptable in the European and American markets; for example, new AliExpress users in the United States will see "Slash It" on their homepage, and the event page will display "Great deals with your friend's help", and new users can buy discount products pricing $1 by sharing with friends.


Regarding commodity pricing, as stated by interface news, Temu's commodity prices are not high and still maintain competitive among similar e-commerce platforms in the United States, such as the price of summer women's clothing is mostly below US$20, and the price of many accessories and daily necessities does not exceed $10.

In terms of operation, Temu strictly controls the quality of images while also emphasizing high quality and patents due to consumers' different consumption habits in overseas markets.

Regarding drainage welfare, new users not only have a 20% discount on the first order but also can enjoy free shipping.

Recently, PDD officially announced the "2022 Duoduo Overseas Support Plan", which plans to invest tens of billions of resource packages, build 100 overseas brands in the first phase, and support 10,000 manufacturing enterprises to connect overseas markets directly.

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