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Acquire 150% extra target audiences by deciding on a suitable DSP ad strategy for your brand
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In the previous article, "Demand-Side Platforms enable extensive coverage to Chinese customers", we mentioned that DSP advertising (Demand-Side Platform) brings together a variety of advertising media and advertising styles, providing a cross-platform and cross-terminal advertising platform for the brand's Chinese marketing, accurately finding target groups that meet the marketing objectives, and improving promotion efficiency.

Taking "iPinYou" DSP ads as an example, iPinYou covers 20 PC and 35 mobile platforms in China, including video, news, social media, music, etc., based on different media types. How can brands decide when to run DSP ads in the face of many different media types? We will take the video and popular news apps among brands as examples to share the overview of Chinese mainstream media below.

  • Online video apps in China

The figure provided by QuestMobile's research data, the scale of the Chinese online video industry has maintained a steady growth rate in the past five years, reaching 162.33 billion yuan in 2022. Moreover, the size of the average monthly active user is stable at more than 800 million.

In the data, according to the scale of monthly active users in 2021, iQiyi and Tencent Video have more than 400 million monthly active users being the industry's top platforms; they are followed by MGTV and Youku, with more than 200 million monthly active users.


  • News apps in China

Since news content is closely related to the social and people's livelihood, hot spots, etc., and can meet the needs of Chinese users to obtain information in a timely and efficient manner, the scale of users in the Chinese news apps has shown a stable development trend in recent years.


In the figure, as of December 2021, the monthly active users of Toutiao and Tencent News exceeded 300 million, which belongs to the TOP media of the news industry. Followed by Sina News, with more than 100 million monthly active users.


The above includes some popular media sharing. With the help of DSP's rich media promotion resources, brands can choose their industry media for promotion according to their marketing objectives. To learn more about digital marketing strategies in China, please contact us at

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