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Demand-Side Platforms enable extensive coverage to Chinese customers
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Ad buying and selling didn't used to be as easy as it is today. Manual insertion orders, sit-down meetings, and contracts were all once part of the drawn-out process of publishing an ad. Now, thanks to demand-side platforms, I's an efficient and near-instantaneous process. It has become a powerful tool that helps advertisers optimize their campaigns. 

1. What is DSP?

A DSP is used to acquire traffic from multiple advertising media, allowing advertisers to buy banner and video ads from a marketplace with a list of ad inventories. 

Furthermore, a DSP allows advertisers to manage all ads with an all-in-one ad platform. The key advantage of DSPs is that advertisers can reach a wide range of audiences from different media networks. 

2. Why use a demand-side platform?

DSPs allow access to the mainstream networks in China. For instance, the DSP " iPinYou" contains the ad inventories of several big names including Tencent News, Baidu, iQIYI, etc. DSP is especially applicable to advertisers who are current managing campaigns across many networks, to achieve central monitoring and management of multiple ads. Companies can adjust the proportion of each channel based on their advertising strategies.

 (iPinyou, a leading DSP in China, supports access to multiple PC and mobile media in China)

3. Common forms of DSP online advertising

  • PC: Banner Ad, pop-up Ad

  • Mobile: Splash Ad, Banner Ad, Native Ad, Pre-load TVC Ad


DSP advertising includes not only banner ads on PC but also splash ads, native ads, and pre-load TVC ads on mobile. Different DSP ad formats bring traffic of different scenes to advertisers to provide comprehensive coverage of target audiences. Advertisers can place different forms of ads according to their brand nature and actual needs.

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