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Capture your target consumers in China with PC premium full-screen ads
Source: | Author:Candy Lv | Published time: 2022-08-24 | 937 Views | Share:

Full-screen ads on PCs have been with us for a while, yet some marketers are scratching their heads and wondering if full-screen ads should be a part of their advertising style. 

The answer: yes. More and more people are using PCs for work. By 2021, China will have an office workforce of nearly 300 million people, and more than 50% are aged 26-35. To reach Chinese PC users more effectively, marketers can use PC screensaver ads to promote services/products on full screen. Let us take a look at some important facts and suggestions about full-screen ads that you may not already know:

1. Full-screen ads are less intrusive, enable generating more engagement

Take Qihoo 360 Screensaver ad as an example. Users who have installed a 360 PC security guard or browser on their PCs will pop up the screensaver ads if their computers are not operated for 5 minutes, showing beautiful full-screen wallpapers to the target audience.


As the ads pop up automatically, they will be displayed on full screen on the PC to minimize intrusiveness. Especially in a working environment, PC users tend to be more visually focused on their screen. The small banner format limits available screen space, while the prominence of full-screen ads leads to higher viewability. By designing high-quality and full-screen pictorial ads, the audience can be attracted by a strong visual impact, and it will be more likely to drive shoppers to the brand's website.

2. Full-screen display ads deliver a better user experience through various styles 

Full-screen ads can be displayed in various types, including but not limited to images, video, rich media, and text. Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads invested in engaging experiences like static image, multi-image rotation, and video to share brands and products on PCs. Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads also introduces interactive styles and live streaming formats to deliver a better user experience.

  • Multi-image rotation format

  • Video format

  • Interactive format

  • Live streaming format

According to research, PC users have highly accepted the screensaver ads due to their clear compositions and large screens.

To conclude, screensaver ads are not only applied to different marketing appeals across multiple industries, but they also grab users' attention on brand ads of the strong visual impact.

So, what is a marketer to do when figuring out where full-screen ads fit into their promotion?

3. Tips for designing a Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ad

Effective visualization is arguably one of the most powerful tools for advertisers to grab a consumer's attention. It is highly recommended that advertisers should select high-quality ad materials with vibrant colors, a good contrast, and a contextually simple design style. Here below are some examples of screensaver ads from B2B industries.

Case 1: This ad was chosen in a full-screen and high-end business style with a simple context suitable for the B2B industry. The ad copy highlights the brand's advantage that "6.8 million enterprises' choice" to attract users' attention to this brand and its product.


Case 2: The ad reveals a full-screen business style with the ad copy " free to attend the summit" as their ad gimmick. The ad also uses a mix of still images, text, and a call-to-action button to convert visitors effectively.


Case 3: The 618 Shopping Festival has been a huge brand sales opportunity. The brand utilizes the Chinese online shopping festival '618' to engage users to the website with vibrant colors, a prominent slogan, and special offers such as "9.9 RMB for two months registration” on the ad.

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