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Understanding the latest user demographic of the Chinese securities market
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As of May 2022, the market size of Chinese securities investors on mobile alone is firmly reaching 110 million. China's securities market is undoubtedly one of the largest in the world and a must-have promotional focus market for financial brands. 

Are you familiar with the user characteristics of the Chinese securities market? What are the major digital marketing channels for the securities industry in China? Read on to see more details in this article.

1. Long-term investor growth has been maintained in the Chinese securities market.

According to QuestMobile, the user population in the Chinese securities market has accounted for a volume of more than 110 million, and it maintains a double-digit annual growth in user size. The securities market in China is optimized for the prospects of positive development.


* Securities Investors refer to those who used securities trading APPs during the QuestMobile survey period.

2. Male users and users aged 31-45 have become the main forces in Chinese securities investment

According to research, over 70% of Chinese securities investors are male. The age distribution of the main investors has been found among 31-45 years old. Elderly persons above 46 are increasingly involved in securities investment through the internet, up by 3.7% investor growth among this age group compared to last year.


3. Individual investors in first and second-tier cities are more enthusiastic about investment

Data shows a relatively higher proportion of active securities investors in first and second-tier Chinese cities, especially in coastal and economically developed regions. The proportion of active investors ranks the highest in Guangdong Province.



4. The active time of securities investors is concentrated on trading days and trading hours

The active hours of Chinese investors are highly correlated with Chinese securities trading hours, followed by U.S. securities trading hours.


*Active period refers to the time that users use the securities investment app

The active level of the Chinese securities market can also be affected by holidays. 

5. Short video and comprehensive information media have become the top promotion channels of the securities industry

From QuestMobile's survey, 62.6% of advertisers distribute their advertising expenses mainly in short video media, followed by comprehensive information media. Therefore, it is highly suggested that financial advertisers should pay more attention to these channels to reach more potential audiences when carrying out promotions in China.


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