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Advertising in tourism: what brands need to know
Source: | Author:Candy Lv | Published time: 2022-08-10 | 493 Views | Share:

Since work and life are gradually returning to normal with virus control by 2022, domestic travel in China is now positioned to accelerate as summer approaches, with segments that drive demand during this period.


As the tourism sector slowly recovers, how can advertisers grab traffics more quickly by crafting great promotional materials? This article explores some key tips for advertising tourism.

Suggestion 1. Show your unique product benefits in ads

To stimulate user demand for purchases, it is highly recommended that advertisers in the tourism industry add a list of 'selling points' in ad copies, images, landing pages, and other materials. By clearly marking your product/service interests in the promotions, it is effective in inspiring people to buy your products.

1.1 Communicate product/service features to potential customers e.g.

 1.2. List unique selling points and functional advantages, e.g.

 1.3. Offer price discount, e.g., walk-in discounts; family vacation bundles; allowance; flash sales, etc. Discounts and deals are a great way to introduce your offerings to new audiences and hopefully retain more loyal customers.

Suggestion 2. Create high-quality creative contents to get more clicks

2.1 Effective visualization is arguably one of the most powerful tools for advertisers to grab a consumer’s attention. It is recommended that a contextually simple and clear product display image should be chosen, and details of your hotel or service should be included to attract the most qualified leads, such as local scenery.

2.2 Marketers should use photography with vibrant colors and a good contrast to give travelers a sense of what it’s like to be “there” experiencing the destination, activity, or landmark. For example, customers may feel serenely calm when they see green fields and blue skies. A good image can evoke emotions and ensure your ad is more memorable.

Here are some examples of ads that meet these criteria:


3. Examples of travel ad content


(1)These ads have listed product features, such as "mountain guesthouse" and "holiday village". They also highlight the keywords including "famous check-in location" and "a social media-worth destination" to harness customers’ urge to share about all things related to travel and tells consumers that many tourists have been to these places; thus, helping builds customer credibility.

(2)The ads highlight the keyword "limited" to grab people's attention, e.g., keywords such as "limited discount" and "the last discount for you". Fast and limited convey a sense of urgency and successfully trigger emotions in customers.

(3)These ads use rhetorical questions and refer to the traveler in second person to write attention-grabbing headlines. Question headlines with self-referencing clues go a step further by making the message appear more personally relevant, so the customers can picture themself in the ads.

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