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Internet Encyclopedia: A practical tool for driving online traffic for brands
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SEM ads help brands increase their visibility and organic search ranking results. Apart from SEM, what else can brands implement to increase their exposure with search results?

A "web version" of the Encyclopedia (launched by search engines) is an alternative choice for brands. The Encyclopedia provides internet users with professional content in various aspects – places of interest, celebrities, or brands, thereby allowing users to receive a detailed overview through the official Encyclopedia page on search engines.

The most popular web-encyclopedias in China are Baidu Baike, Qihoo 360 Baike, and TouTiao Search. They work as platforms that provide authoritative and rigorously accurate information for Chinese netizens at no cost.


(Qihoo 360 Baike and Baidu Baike)

Q1: Why should brands build an official Internet Encyclopedia?

Firstly, Chinese netizens regard information from the Internet Encyclopedia as a credible and authoritative source.

Baidu Baike, for example, currently contains over 25 million entries. News reports also quote contents from Baidu Baike as their reference materials. Moreover, to ensure authenticity, Baidu Baike does not allow for the displaying of advertising information; therefore, the information presented on Baidu Baike wins Chinese users' trust.

The Internet Encyclopedia, such as Baidu Baike, Qihoo 360 Baike, and Toutiao Search, act as an authoritative and professional ‘brand name card’ on the Internet, which is conducive to enhancing Chinese netizens' recognition of a brand, improving its reputation and brand image.


(Tiffany & Co.'s Encyclopedia on Baidu Baike)

Moreover, as the Internet Encyclopedia page is important for search engines, it will be ranked high on search result pages.

Baidu Baike, for example, is located in the top 6th position on the result page of Baidu. Since brand entries are created in Baidu Baike, the entries will be permanent and stalely exited. Therefore, a well-developed Baidu Baike page will bring more organic traffic to the brand and its corresponding official website, helping to enhance brand promotion and user conversion.


(Internet Encyclopedia on result page)

Q2: What elements are necessary for creating an Internet Encyclopedia for a brand? 

The major Internet Encyclopedias in China are becoming stricter regarding information censorship. What is necessary for creating an Internet Encyclopedia page for a brand? How can an Internet Encyclopedia page help to drive traffic? We will share some suggestions below, using Baidu Baike as an example.

1. Provide detailed brand information

In addition to the basic introduction of the brand and main services offered, it is highly suggested that brands update their specific product introductions, development history, brand honors received, and other related graphic and video materials. Detailed-oriented brand information is at the heart of reputation-building for companies and products, shaping the brand in consumers' minds.


(Detailed introduction of Gucci on Baidu Baike)

2. Embellish the ‘References’ part

(1) It is strongly recommended that brands provide links to their official website as reference materials for extended reading on the Encyclopedia page, to help users access and attract more website traffic.

(2)  Brands can make use of authoritative media influences to create objective reports and share press releases as references on the Internet Encyclopedia page to build their brand image further.


(Reference part on Baidu Baike)

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