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Adopting a mini-site as your ad landing page to increase the conversion of your SEM campaign
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-06-15 | 305 Views | Share:

A well-designed landing page is essential for any SEM campaign. However, we knew that it is always not easy for brands to build a webpage and keep updating it regularly regarding cost and operation. To benefit from a good ad landing page, we offer a mini-site production service to your ad campaigns, allowing you to run your campaign with a designated design and provide flexible website content management!

A mini-site refers to a website with 1-3 web pages designated for online campaigns. Our mini-site production service allows a brand to own a mini-website aligning with top industrial cases. Powered by media such as Baidu, we provide a number of industrial template choices for the brand. The brand needs to choose a favorite template and tell us what they would like to appear on the mini-site.


Adopting a well-designed mini-site for your online campaign is never just about a stylish design. It is also highly related to your final conversion objective. Based on your conversion requirements, we shall design components for conversion in your mini-site, such as forms, chat-bots, call-to-action call buttons, and even lucky draws!


Nevertheless, you may view the immediate performance statistics of the conversions above through the management platform without the extra effort of installing other 3rd party tracking tools.

Below let us share our insights with some case studies on developing a well-designed mini-site for B2B brands to align with different promotional purposes.

1. Increasing brand awareness

The brand below is a building material machinery manufacturer. The brand aimed to promote its brand with Baidu SEM campaigns. The brand aimed to promote its core advantage and gather leads with the mini-site by online form, calls, and chat inquiries.

Per the review, the mini-site gathered a 60% extra conversion rate and a 26% deduction on conversion cost compared with the original official website. Apart from the conversion, the loading speed of the mini-site in China was recorded as 50% faster than the official website, which greatly impacted the user experience of Chinese consumers.


2. Acquiring sales orders

For brands aimed to promote a specific product or service, the mini-site shall emphasize the product's strengths. The below brand is a plastic mold manufacturer. After adopting the mini-site, they have recorded a 58% decrease in conversion cost, where the number of leads gathered was five times increased with the assistance of DMP targeting. The loading speed of the mini-site was 72% faster than their official website, and the average page browsing duration was 20% more than their official website.


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