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QiaoDan achieved 2 million yuan growth in GMV with Livestreaming E-commerce of Kuaishou App
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When all kinds of brands are laying out Livestreaming E-commerce marketing in China, QiaoDan, a local sports brand born in 2000, is also conveying its brand stories to more young consumers through livestreaming on Kuaishou App.

On April 29, QiaoDan officially started its Livestreaming E-commerce on Kuaishou, and successfully increased its fan base by 80,000 and GMV by nearly 2 million yuan in 30 days, which has quickly completed its cold start and entered a steady growth period.

In the picture, the live stream salesperson wearing a jersey is introducing QiaoDan's hot-selling product- "Poison Teeth" Sneakers in the official QiaoDan live streaming studio at 11 pm. To demonstrate the high elasticity of the sneakers, he picked up a basketball and performed a "Three-step layup" in front of the camera.

Previously, QiaoDan's livestreaming E-commerce layout focused on traditional E-commerce platforms in China, such as Tmall. While after the business negotiation with Kuaishou App in late 2021, they found that Kuaishou user profile matched QiaoDan’s target consumers. Therefore, to help improve the operational effectiveness of Kuaishou livestreaming, QiaoDan transitioned from outsourcing its business operation to service providers to building its own team and selecting cost-effective basketball shoes products for the needs of the Kuaishou users.

At the same time, through the regular daily livestreaming sales and leveraging on various E-commerce promotion resources, commercial advertising, short video content, KOL, and other marketing approaches, the number of followers of @QiaoDan Official Flagship Store has risen to 83,000 in just one month.


The head of QiaoDan's E-commerce operation said that Kuaishou App not only sells goods but is also a perfect E-commerce marketing venue. QiaoDan will use more resources and its core products to help Kuaishou be one of the positions for new brand product releases and Territory-wide Marketing in the following days.

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