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The Brand Marketing Campaigns for China’s 520 Day
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-06-14 | 393 Views | Share:

China's "520" Day has always been an important node for brands to launch their marketing campaigns, and this year is no exception. Take Tencent Advertising as an example, the search for the keyword "520" on WeChat has increased by 174% day to day. The website traffic of the WeChat search brand area participating in the "520" Day promotion has also grown by 53%.

Many advertisers in the beauty and luxury industries have been placing Tencent ads to enhance their brand awareness and sales conversion during "520" Day. Some representative brand promotion cases for China's "520" Day are shared below.

1. SWAROVSKI:  Promoting the purchase of jewelry products

SWAROVSKI uses a rotating card format in the WeChat Moments advertising, placing creative ads in line with the festival atmosphere to attract users' attention and generate interaction. It also directs users to WeChat Search to search for keywords in the first comment of their advertisements, which stimulates more traffic to the brand's private domain.

During the "520" Day, SWAROVSKI’s WeChat exposure has grown by 300% compared to previous periods. Especially the UV (unique visitors) of search and clicks have increased by 100%, and the interactive click rate is 5 times higher than the whole industry.


2. BALENCIAGA: "5:20 Video Game Arcade" attracts followers to their WeChat official account

BALENCIAGA has set up retro and cute interactive mini-games on the WeChat Mini-Program. To stimulate more core consumers to click and explore, BALENCIAGA utilizes red packet rewards and other activities to place advertisements on the WeChat Moments page during the "520" marketing node. Eventually, the daily increase of followers of the BALENCIAGA WeChat official account on "520" Day period is 10 times of the usual number.


3. YSL: Collaboration with the Tencent NBA program to promote YSL "520" gift box

In response to the demand of male consumers for gifts, YSL collaborates with the popular IP - Tencent NBA program to promote YSL products through the pop-up video ads and the livestream salesperson recommendations while male audiences are watching the game, ending up boosting the sales of YSL "520" Day gift boxes.


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