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How do niche industries conduct search engine marketing in China?
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Do you know any of the niche industries for digital marketing? How should they carry out search engine marketing in China? This article will share some search promotion ideas for these industries.

Talking about niche industries for digital marketing, it refers to products or industries that few people are aware of, and advertisers are not familiar with their products, so they don't know what keywords to use, or industries that are difficult to find their competitors. Some examples are the chemical raw materials industry, information technology industry, medical technology, etc. So, how should niche industries find the right keywords?

1. Understand the product and your target customer

One of the main purposes of search engine marketing is finding potential customers, solving their pain points through product introduction, experience, etc., and increasing product sales.

Taking Baidu's search promotion as an example, advertisers of a cross-border payment platform mainly satisfy users' needs for cross-border payments and receipts. The ideas are as follows:

(a) Determine the target audience: Users in the retail industry, purchasing agents, overseas expansion, and other industries who need to open an online store.

(b) Find keywords based on the target audience's attributes: Buying keywords such as "eBay store", "Amazon store", “cross-border E-commerce”, etc., as these keywords are relatively low in price but have large traffic. 

(c) Target industry users: Through the DMP package, target relevant groups such as retailing, purchasing agents, cross-border, and overseas business expansion to improve the traffic quality.


(d) Content-related landing pages to better match users' needs: Advertisers can optimize and filter keywords based on conversion effects after a period of time to improve traffic accuracy.

2. Bid the keywords and then optimize keywords through conversion words 

Niche industries were unable to identify keywords at the beginning. It is recommended that you bid on some keywords you are interested in and then test which keywords bring you the most traffic.

In the case of clinical drugs, the advertiser may target clients such as hospitals and institutions. There are very few competitors on the market, and the unit price of the product is also very high. Keywords like "softening blood vessels" involve more patients than institutions, and the bid price is high at the same time. These keywords are likely to result in too broad traffic and relatively high advertising costs.

Hence, it is difficult for advertisers to determine which keywords lead to conversions. we suggest:

(a) Reduce the keyword bid: For example, the original bid is 20 yuan, and the bid is reduced to 3 yuan.

(b) Choose intelligent matching to increase the chance of reaching the intended customers. 

After a period, more high-quality keywords can be identified by analyzing converted keywords, and these words may have relatively higher intentions.

The above ideas are about how to promote niche industries in China. If you want to know more about search engine marketing in China, don't hesitate to contact us at

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