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Ad copies with "Limited offer in China" may be fined!
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2021-10-20 | 331 Views | Share:

H&M, A famous clothing brand in the world, was being fined RMB ¥260,000 for advertising with the illegal term "Limited offer in China(中国限定)." H&M has been fined for an accumulation of 22 times already in China for advertising issues, paying a total of ¥1,460,000. 


In China, product descriptions that appeared in online and offline channels must not include absolute terms such as "best" and "top." "Limited offer" without specifying the limitation is also forbidden. A maximum fine of ¥1,000,000 will be made in violation of the above rules stated in China Advertising Law.

Here are some common forbidden terms in China Advertising Law. Remember to check carefully whether your materials / website included the forbidden terms below.

1、Terms related to "Most" (最):


2、Terms related to "Best" (首) and "Nation" (国):


3、Terms related to "Extreme" (极) and "Level" (级):


4、Terms related to "one" (一):


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