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Online Q&A Platform – Another option for online promotion in China
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Most online ads are generally designed for short-term conversions instead of attracting user’s long-term interest in the brand. More brands in China are now considering promoting on other channels, like online Q&A platforms, which we will introduce here. By quoting the brand through sharing the information and advantage of their products, advertisers can increase the willingness of users to proactively learn and discuss the topics related to the brand and their products, thus stimulating user’s desire to spend on the products in the long term.

Online Q&A Platform is an essential source of information for highly educated netizens in China

Netizens usually enjoy browsing about hot topics on online Q&A platforms such as internet stuff, movies, technologies, etc. More than that, in 2020, 420M highly educated netizens in China are also willing to pay and purchase professional knowledge related to science, finance, and other vocational aspects.

Online Q&A platforms have become an essential source of information for 80% of these netizens, where 60.4% are below 30. These users are more willing to purchase content on Q&A platforms while their ability to attain information and consume is higher.

Over 90% of users browse their interesting content on online Q&A platforms every week. 62.5% of them choose to pay for higher quality content.

Zhihu – The largest online Q&A platform in China

When encountering problems at work or in school, 85M Chinese would find the answers on Zhihu, also known as China's version of Quora. Zhihu is one of the largest online Q&A platforms in China, with over ten years of service. As of 2020, Zhihu has over 210M users, while around 25.7M searches are performed by users every day.

It has become a habit for users to know more about the brands / products on Zhihu before making any purchasing decisions. With user’s proactiveness and trust towards quality response/content, brand owners can make use of Zhihu to share product information, tutorials, etc., to increase the value of their brand effectively. 

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