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Is your brand being counterfeited? The 360 Official Website Verification can help!
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Brands are often being bombarded with mountains of information when they are being promoted on official websites, making it difficult for them to be searched. It is also common for a brand’s information to be misused, leaving a bad impression on users.


Misuse of brand information!

How can we allow users to identify your brand and the reliability of your information right away? Let 360 Official Website Verification help with that! 

About 360 Official Website Verification: When informants use 360 Search to search a specific keyword, the organic search result will be triggered and be displayed with the official website’s identification saying“Searched term is consistent with the official website”, to prevent domain impersonation and phishing websites from infringing clients and informants.

Drawing users attention and establishing your own image for your brand 

360 verified websites display an icon saying, “official website”, allowing users to visit your website in the most efficient way. Other than the 1 fixed key word, the official website verification pro also allows you to set up to 10 customed keywords, to guarantee your website appearing on the first 3 places of the organic search result, preventing brands from being counterfeited.

Websites verified by the 360 Official Website Verification (Pro version) has 4 times the exposure compared to the other website links. Graphics and text information is shown along with 4 site links, allowing customers to browse information about your brand briefly in the most efficient way.  

360 Official Website Verification effectively distinguishes between a brands official website and other search results, taking down fake websites. Establishing a good brand image by making your website more accessible.



Now, how can you verify your website? 

Below are requirements required if you want to verify your website.

1. Make sure the website belongs to the applicant and has a record at MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People ‘s Republic of China)

2. Website should accord to the National Law and doesn’t contain any politically sensitive/sexual/forbidden content or advertisement

3. Website should be privacy protected with no previous bad records (e.g. user privacy disclosed, phishing, etc)

4. Proof of ownership

For more information on the 360 Official Website Verification, feel free to contact our marketing consultant:

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