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Industry news AI Brand Express: Enhancing Digital Marketing Effectiveness with AIGC
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With the rapid development of AIGC technology, not only are users focused on how AI can assist in work and life, but advertisers are also concerned about how AI can empower their brand’s digital marketing to win consumer trust and interest. In light of this, Qihoo 360 has launched the AI Brand Express product based on its AI model, utilizing AIGC technology to achieve real-time interaction with users, thereby enhancing user trust and engagement.


Qihoo 360 launches AI Brand Express, helping advertisers to strengthen user trust through AIGC-driven real-time responses

Advertisers often face the challenge of how to improve the precision and interactivity of ad placements. Traditional advertising forms often fail to meet users’ needs for personalization and instant interaction, leading to low conversion rates. AI Brand Express leverages advanced AIGC technology to answer user queries in real-time, strengthening user trust. This platform combines big model technology with a direct brand presentation format, bringing a new interactive experience to users through generative dialogue and digital personas. When users search for related brand or product terms, they can interact with the digital persona through text or voice. The digital persona integrates brand information based on the big model and enhances the efficiency of user understanding through multiple rounds of guided Q&A, answering product queries, and ultimately promoting product orders.

Samsung Mall Boosts Brand Recognition and Click-Through Rate with AI Brand Express for Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung Mall has seen an increase in both brand recognition and click-through rate through the promotion of the Galaxy S24 series via AI Brand Express. As the new Galaxy S24 series was launched in China, the AI Brand Express ads on not only deeply matched the product’s selling points but also significantly enhanced the brand’s visibility and user experience. AI Brand Express also provided Samsung with an exclusive AI new product recommender, Michael, who can answer users’ product-related questions at any time, greatly increasing user interaction willingness. The daily average click-through rate of Samsung Mall’s 360AI Brand Express ads reached 53%, far exceeding that of typical direct brand products, enhancing the consumer user experience and bringing actual results to Samsung’s ad placements.

QS Search, as the exclusive reseller of Qihoo 360, has been deeply cultivating the Chinese advertising market for 10 years, specializing in providing Chinese media search promotion services for overseas clients. Brands are welcome to contact the QS Search team via email at for a free consultation on how AIGC can empower search promotion and enhance placement results.

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