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315 is coming, is your China advertising compliant?
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315 is China's Consumer Rights Protection Day. On this day every year, CCTV broadcasts a program called "315 Gala", exposing some consumer complaints and malpractices. This is a sensitive point for any brand operating in the Chinese market. Once exposed, it may face huge reputation losses and legal risks. Especially for the Internet advertising service industry, the attention and pressure of 315 are greater, because this industry involves a wide range of consumer groups, and there are many potential problems and controversies.

Internet advertising service industry is the key focus of 315, brands should pay careful attention to advertising compliance

According to the "2024 315 Public Opinion Forecast Manual" jointly released by "Foresee Think Tank" and "Baifendian Technology", the Internet service industry has an 87% chance of being exposed on 315, ranking second among all service industries. According to the analysis of the consumer complaints information that was widely spread on the Internet from January to December 2023, the main problems reflected by consumer complaints in the Internet service sector are false propaganda, setting consumption traps, inducing consumers to consume, deceiving and misleading consumers, and various forms of price fraud and contract performance issues are easily exposed. Overseas enterprises also need to prevent these problems in their delivery, so as not to be hit.

The hot public opinion issues related to advertising in 2023, have you prevented from them?

In 2023, there were two public opinion issues related to advertising that attracted widespread attention and discussion. Brands need to ensure that their advertisements do not have similar problems, otherwise they may incur consumer dissatisfaction and regulatory penalties.

The first hot public opinion issue is the proliferation of "shake" jump ads  (摇一摇广告) during Double 11. During Double 11 in 2023, there were countless "shake" ads on various platforms, diverting users to different e-commerce platforms. As soon as you open an APP, you will be redirected to a shopping software without paying attention, causing user dissatisfaction. "Shake" is a product with poor conversion effect in Internet advertising products. Platforms and merchants ignore user experience and feedback, and forcibly redirect users to e-commerce platforms through "shake", a non-voluntary way, in order to harvest users, attracting the attention of industry regulators.

The second hot public opinion issue is the controversy over the "five female doctors (五个女博士)" advertisement. In May 2023, the "five female doctors" elevator advertisement caused a lot of dissatisfaction and criticism because of its content involving women's age, appearance, marriage and other topics, and was immediately searched by netizens. After the incident was exposed, the regulatory authorities immediately intervened, and China's official media also criticized such vulgar advertisements.

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