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Navigating July's historic festivals with mindful & ethical marketing
Source: | Author: Amie | Published time: 2023-06-30 | 825 Views | Share:

As we approach the month of July, it is essential to recognize the historical and political significance associated with this period. Rather than viewing July as a marketing opportunity, it is important to respect and acknowledge the historical events during this month. Let us prioritize awareness and mindfulness instead of launching promotions tied to these events.


Party's Day - The Returning Anniversary of Hong Kong (July 1, Saturday):


On July 1st, we commemorate the handover of Hong Kong from the UK to China in 1997, marking the end of British colonial rule. This significant occasion establishes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As marketers, let us engage with the local community in a manner that acknowledges and respects the historical importance of this transition, refraining from exploiting it for promotional purposes.


Memorial Day for Marco Polo Bridge Incident (July 7, Friday):


July 7th is a day of remembrance for the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which triggered the Second Sino-Japanese War. This solemn occasion emphasizes peace and unity. Instead of using this event for marketing campaigns, let us support organizations and initiatives that promote historical education and peace-building efforts, honoring the memory of those affected by the war.


Memorial Day for Tangshan Earthquake (July 28, Friday):


The Memorial Day for the Tangshan Earthquake on July 28th commemorates one of the deadliest earthquakes in history. It is a time to remember the victims and show solidarity with the affected communities. Rather than capitalizing on this tragedy, let us promote messages of support, community resilience, and disaster preparedness. Engaging in initiatives that contribute to the recovery and well-being of the affected areas will have a more positive impact.


We must learn from the mistakes made by brands, such as the recent incident in 2021 involving Sony in China. Sony's advertisement related to the July 7th Incident in 1937 resulted in fines and accusations of undermining national dignity and interests. Let us take this as a reminder to ensure our marketing strategies align with respect for historical events and cultural sensitivities.


As responsible marketers, let us approach July's festivals thoughtfully and thoughtfully. It is vital to design marketing strategies that demonstrate respect for the gravity of these historical events. By selecting appropriate media channels and methods that honor remembrance, unity, and community support, we can foster positive connections with our audience while maintaining cultural sensitivity.


Let us move forward with professionalism and integrity, showing empathy and support during this significant month. Together, we can create meaningful connections and contribute to a brighter future, both for our brands and for the communities we serve.


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