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Investing in China's digital marketing helps revive exhibition industry
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The pandemic has promoted the exhibition industry’s recent transformation reform process, presenting new opportunities and difficulties for exhibition enterprises. With China’s border reopening as well as Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area’s rapid development, can exhibition merchants race ahead and catch up while standing at a new starting point in history?

Digital marketing is a proven way for exhibition companies to reach their clients

Today, more and more exhibition organizers are investing in the field of digital marketing as it helps to maximize the reach of exhibitors and visitors. One famous example is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). It organizes more than 30 large-scale exhibitions a year in China, such as "2022 China Hi-Tech Fair" and "The 20th China International Toy Fair (China Toy Expo)". Another example is the Hong Kong Exporters' Association (HKEA) which organizes more than 10 exhibitions every year, such as the "Hong Kong Smart Design, Sparkle in Greater Bay Area 2022".

The ads of "Hong Kong Smart Design, Sparkle in Greater Bay Area 2022" on various Chinese famous platforms

How the famous exhibition organizers mentioned above maximize the reach of exhibitors and visitors through digital marketing. Let's find out below!

2. Useful tips for exhibition companies to improve digital marketing efficiency


2.1. Utilize lead generation form to acquire clients more easily and quickly

Lead generation form is a frequently used strategy in the exhibition industry. Through high-quality materials and eye-catching landing page displays, exhibitors can use the landing pages provided by the built-in mini-site platform of media, such as Baidu and Qihoo 360, to build form formation. They can also apply background intelligence verification and SMS verification, etc., to improve form performance.

Through the lead management platform, exhibitors can handle batches of data back-to-back, and then their information will be annotated and followed up after connecting.


Exhibitors first click the outer layer of the advertisement to access the landing page and then the initial screen shows the form. 

After the submission, exhibitors will be called back to confirm their information.

2.2Add a hotline button under the lead generation form to effectively drive the conversation  

In addition to lead generation forms, hotline buttons can also help drive conversions. It is recommended to add a hotline button below or near the lead generation form. The hotline button helps facilitate inquiries and makes it easier for potential customers to reach your business, therefore effectively increase conversion rates.

All in all, exhibition companies are advised to be equipped with the latest digital marketing strategies as they are about to face various opportunities when China reopens its borders.

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