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In recent two years, while consumer behaviors have been changing fast due to the COVID-19 and economic downturn, and China tightened the regulation on big data, delivering accurate advertising in China has become more challenging for advertisers. 

A survey from CCTV Market Research has also told us similar findings. Many Chinese advertisers say that their marketing decisions in 2022 have been significantly affected by the consumption habits of consumers, competitor performance, and stricter country regulations.

* "Marketing Trends for Chinese Advertisers in 2022" released by CTR covers 304 advertisers of different marketing sizes, industries, and business attributes.

To keep up with these challenges and trends, advertisers have put their effort into enhancing marketing flexibility and avoiding the “red line” to the greatest extent.

1. Increase marketing flexibility: 

Advertisers in China shall leverage more consumer insights and increase marketing flexibility. Take flexible marketing solutions based on specific customer profiles and any competitive intelligence trends, thus seizing market opportunities faster.

An analysis of consumer behavior includes their gender, age, shopping interests, and spending, which is critical to the business planning of every enterprise. If you want to understand your consumers in China further and conduct competitive analysis, don't hesitate to reach us for your free industry report!

2. Avoid “red line”

With the establishment of the Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law in China, nearly 80% of advertisers say that the tighter regulation has impacted their campaigns as enterprises must have reduced the amount of collected personal data from consumers. Advertisers are finding ways to follow regulatory guidelines to avoid the "red line "carefully. To get yourself ready, it's time to reach us for professional risk assessment and customized marketing strategies.

To learn more about the demographic information of your targeted consumers, conduct competitive analysis, and customize your marketing strategies, don't hesitate to contact us at

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