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Secrets of building a B2B website with high lead generation performance
Source: | Author:Vivian | Published time: 2022-08-31 | 807 Views | Share:

When it comes to B2B websites, having bounce rates from prospects and low conversions can be incredibly frustrating. To help you with that, we prepared a special article, suggesting tips you need to know for your B2B website design:

Suggestion 1: Make your website about the customers

Your B2B website needs to stop talking too much about yourselves. Rather, you should provide customers with an opportunity to proactively share who they are and what they're looking to do. Think about 'how do our customers define themselves' and 'in their minds, which aspects of their identity most affect how they look at suppliers like us'. Consider the client's ideas and preferences in your website design to enhance the on-page user experience.


Suggestion 2. Emphasize your customers’ outcomes

It would help if you thought about what kind of assistance do your client need from a supplier in your category. Understand the specific business objectives customers are seeking to achieve, then organize the sites using the language immediately recognizable to customers along those outcomes, eventually increasing resonant and enhancing conversions.

Suggestion 3. Help customers complete the designated actions you want them to take

B2B websites should identify and then facilitate the specific tasks that customers come to your website to complete. We suggest you review whether it is easy to find support for those tasks on your site right now. 

It is highly suggested to keep the design simple and ensure visitors naturally gravitate towards the most important elements. Use a search bar to let users seek out what they are looking for. Plan navigation so that users can get from point A to point B, easily progress along the journey and reduce bounce rate.

We hope you can find some new ideas to inspire your B2B website. If not yet, here are some well-designed examples for you. 

1. Netbase Quid: a next-generation consumer and market intelligence platform

Website objective: convert potential customers into leads.

Website design:

(1) Use navigation menus to introduce their core business

(2) Seven colored tabs on the homepage make it clear exactly how they can help and guide users to click according to their respective needs

(3) Each page has a CTA button to encourage users to fill in their contact details, helping enhance conversions

2. Grammarly: digital writing assistant

Website objective: encourage membership registration and application download

Website strategies:

(1) Simple website design and user-friendly interfaces

(2) An animated image allows users to understand the key services and thus increase conversion rate


3. Hootsuite: a social media management platform

Website objective: boost sign-up conversions 

Website strategies: 

(1) Combined with tagline and different social media icons to clearly show that Hootsuite is related to social media channels

(2) Demonstrate the outcomes of previous cases to impress customers, build trust and reduce bounce rate


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