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Baidu integrates Web3.0 features into marketing solutions
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Web3.0, as a new generation of the Internet, is changing the marketing mode of brands. Recently, Chinese internet giant Baidu has built its infrastructure of Web3.0 based on AI capabilities and launched a range of Web3.0 products such as digital humans, NFT, and Metaverse to capitalize on the next iteration of the internet and accelerate marketing innovation.

1. Baidu launched a range of Web3.0 products

Baidu found that at least 78% of brand marketers surveyed have begun to try or are considering the marketing solution of Web3.0 in 2022. “Web 3.0 has now arrived at an eruption point with 3 underlying infrastructures- digital human, non-fungible token (NFTs) and Metaverse experiencing rapid growth,” said Cao Yuxin, head of brand marketing at Baidu. 

In December 2021, Baidu announced the launch of digital humans and its metaverse platform XiRang, which can be accessed via mobile phones, laptops and VR wearable devices. Baidu also launched its Web3.0 partnership program, inviting brand owners and marketing partners to incubate Web3.0 marketing excellent cases and explore innovative marketing trends.


(Baidu digital human family)


(Baidu representative introduces Baidu digital human Du Xiaoxiao)

2. Digital humans will become new productivity of brand marketing

Based on the huge market prospect, Baidu AI Cloud platform divides its digital human into performance-oriented and service-oriented ones, and realizes multi-scene landing in finance, government affairs, aerospace, and so on.

During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, Du Xiaoxiao, the first all-around virtual human with AIGC capability from Baidu, and Jing Maimai, another AI virtual anchor from, joined hands to interpret the shopping bonanza’s consumption trends. These two AI assistants attracted more than 140million audiences. 


Du Xiaoxiao also collaborated with smartphone brand Honor to create the country's first virtual idol AIGC song "every minute, every second, every day". AI made its lyrics and composition. Du Xiaoxiao and Gong Jun (Chinese actor) digital human sang together, helping get more than 100 million exposures for Honor. Baidu introduced that digital humans would become the new productivity of brand marketing.

The arrival of Web3.0 brings changes in content production and brand marketing. It can be predicted that the Web3.0 infrastructure released by Baidu, such as Metaverse products, a variety of virtual digital humans, Baidu super chain, will bring more innovation to the marketing process of Baidu empowering brand. 

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