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Qihoo 360: China's A-share market had increased by 24.31% in 2021 despite pandemic
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COVID-19 pandemic tremendously influenced the global economy. After living in a pandemic for so long, what is the latest development in China's economy and financial markets? Has people's demand for investment waned? What can financial advertisers do to improve the promotional effectiveness of their campaigns in China? In this article, we will share the financial industry trends in China and several promotional suggestions with you.

1. Promotion in the Chinese market is still a vital option with potential for financial brands

The COVID-19 outbreak has presented a shock to China's economy. According to statistics, China's GDP growth contracted in 2020. Since work and life are gradually returning to normal with virus control by 2021, China's GDP experienced a wave of rebounds, showing positive GDP growth of 8.10% year-on-year as the Chinese government has implemented policy supports to boost the economic recovery in the country.

As China is gradually recovering from the pandemic, the investment appetite of investors in China is also returning stronger. It brings an annual turnover of $25.619 billion in the China A-share market by the end of 2021, an increase of 24.31% from 2020 despite the continuing pandemic impacts.

2. China's financial industry has received great attention, mainly from young adults and middle-aged groups more capable of investment.

Research released by Qihoo 360 tells that Chinese investors' attention to financial investment keeps in step with the trends of the securities market.


Regarding age structure, China's financial industry users are mainly driven by young adults and middle-aged groups between the ages of 19 and 49. According to the research, more than 60% earn a monthly income of more than RMB 5,000. This shows a stronger desire for financial investment among young adults and middle-aged consumers with certain purchasing power.




3. Produce high-quality advertising and attract clicks to provide a greater boost for SEM in the Chinese financial industry.

Apart from uncovering more related industry keywords of search terms and long-tail keywords to boost ad traffic, do you know any other techniques for producing financial ads with high CTR? Below is some advice from us.

3.1 It is highly suggested that ad content can closely link to the latest heated topics and market trends, such as Metaverse, digital economy, etc.


3.2 Highlighting your product strengths and adding CTA buttons to your advertisements can help prompt users to click.


3.3 Providing discount information and industry trend analysis enable attracting more users' attention.

3.4 A simple advertisement with high definition and uniform color scheme will make the context visually different or noticeable and win more views for your promotion.

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