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The trend of China's content marketing industry in 2022
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Do you know the leading forms of Content marketing in China in 2022? What are the primary promotional purposes of Content marketing for advertisers? The article below will share the latest trends in Content marketing in China for advertisers.

1. Content marketing is a major promotional choice of Chinese brands

“Content marketing" refers to the delivering brand's message and idea through pictures, articles, videos, and other means. According to research, the market scale of China's Content marketing has been growing with a CAGR of 57% from 2020 to 2024.


Over 50% of advertisers have increased their promotional spending on Content marketing in 2021.


2. KOL Marketing has become the preferred for advertisers in China

67% of advertisers will focus their Content marketing on the KOL industry in 2022. For example, promoting products and boosting sales through the significant influence of celebrities/internet influencers.

Meanwhile, China's KOL Market has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. The forms of KOL Marketing Content mainly include graphics, short videos, and live streaming E-commerce.


3. The primary purpose of advertisers choosing KOL Marketing

Improving user conversion and brand awareness through KOL recommending products is the main marketing objective of Brands investing in KOL Marketing. 

Today in China, KOL Marketing has become a highly effective tool in any brand's digital marketing arsenal, regardless of industry. Therefore, the Brand's Content marketing gradually changed from hard sell to KOL diversified advertisement. For example, short videos incorporating stories into product launches, professional product reviews by KOL, and knowledge sharing from experts. These creative advertisement approaches integrate brands and products into users' life scenarios and significantly improve the user's impression of the products.


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