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Chinese actress Sally Jing was fined RMB 7.22 million for filming a false advertisement
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-05-31 | 642 Views | Share:

In May 2022, famous Chinese actress Sally Jing (景甜) was fined RMB ¥7,221,200 by Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau for her illegal behavior during her advertising endorsement. 

According to the statement, Jing was fined in this case because of misstating that the food she endorsed was able to "prevent fat and sugar absorption" without proper evidence. The advertisement itself had violated China Advertising Law's regarding that ordinary food shall not be advertised for treatment or health care efficacy.

Meanwhile, Jing's behavior of claiming the food product's effectiveness without proper testimony or evidence had violated another statement in China Advertising Law, stating that endorsers may bear civil liability for "false advertisements of commodities or services concerning the life and health of consumers, causing harm to consumers".

It is recommended that both the celebrity endorser and the brand itself strive to produce high-quality ad creatives based on authenticated truth and make sure that the advertisements they produce align with the advertising law.

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