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How do we use price terms to increase the number of SEM conversions in China?
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Are you aware that some traffic from SEM promotion comes from searches of keywords such as "how much" and "how to charge"? Do these keywords contribute to our conversion rate? Using the education industry as an example, we will analyze these often overlooked "price" keywords from four perspectives.

Question 1: What are price terms?

Through data analysis, we found that the price terms in the education industry generally have the following situations:



Example of education industry



What is the price for an MBA?



MBA cost



How much does an MBA charge?


Tuition fee

Tuition   fee of MBA


Charging standard

Charging standard of MBA


How much

How much   for an MBA?


Payment method

Payment method for an MBA course


How to charge

How an MBA   course charge?


Tuition price

Well-known MBA school prices


Normally   charge

How much   does it cost to study an MBA


Price list

MBA Tuition Price List

Understanding the price terms better will allow you to analyze users' decision-making processes and have a deeper understanding of them.

Question 2: What is the impact of price terms on users?

The consumer decision-making process is divided into four stages. We can understand how price terms affect users by analyzing keywords, psychological processes, and behavioral decision-making in each stage.




Information   search

Evaluation of alternative

Purchase   decision

Post-purchase behaviour




happened and

a pain point


Driving force

of problem 


Finding  the best solution.

Cost of

the solution.





It is difficult for

professionals to

get promoted, and they do not know what to do.

How to get


Take some


courses to


personal value.

How much  does it cost to 

apply for

an MBA?

Thank you


Behavior   analysis

Find a way to get


Search online 

for ways to get promoted.

Research for MBA course.

Consult relevant   schools


What if I want to get promoted?

How to apply for MBA?

MBA program


The analysis showed that the price term is in the fourth stage of the purchase decision-making process. If the price term is related to the user, it can lead to conversion. 

Question 3: How to target the potential user through price terms?

Since price terms affect users' decision-making, advertisers should understand the core needs of users to choose a suitable price term. Before analysis, we choose some representative price terms with a certain amount of advertising consumption, high search frequency, and high relevance.

Search   terms

Characteristic of 


Core   needs

Essential   needs

How much is for an MBA?

● Rookie

● Have not consulted    peers

● Know the price as

a decision

● Problem-solving needs

● How much to pay

What   is the price for an MBA?

● Evaluate the   cost

An   MBA is normally priced at?

● Know of the course

● Consulted the peers

● Know the floor price in the market

● Worried that there is  pricing trap

MBA course   price List


Analyzing the users and demand for keywords indicated that users who search for price terms are in the last stage of the decision-making process. These needs include the cost of solving the problem, whether paying the cost is cost-effective, and worrying about pricing.

Question 4: How do we increase sales conversion through price keywords?

Search terms

Essential needs

Solution   (Ad creative and landing page


How much is for an MBA?

● Problem-solving needs

● How much to pay

Free trial

● Less than 4.5W for 

   1 year

● Grab 10 lessons for as 

low as X yuan

● Free trial

● Provide exam 

prep package

What is the price for an MBA?

● Evaluate the cost

● The first 300 receive a

1,000-yuan bursary

● No need to go to school

● No entrance examination

● dual-certificate master's degree

● Inquiry about

school fees

● Application

conditions and tests

An MBA is


priced at?

● Worried that there is pricing trap


● List of MBA tuition fees 

in  {region}

Tuition Price List

● Tuition Standard

● Ministry of Education approval number

MBA course price List

In the above table, the pain points are identified based on the essential needs of users. And by establishing a formal and reliable brand image, users are encouraged to generate conversion actions. Regarding ad creative and landing pages, we had to pay attention to three factors:

1. Cost: Solve it through CTA free trial listening.

2. Cost-effective: It can be solved through endorsement by famous schools, directly telling users whether they meet the conditions.

3. Worries of pricing trap: Open and transparent college fees and other solutions.



To conclude, different keywords represent different intentions of users. Suppose you want to increase the conversion rates. In that case, you should analyze customer behavior and psychological activities from the customers' perspective, summarize essential needs, and then combine products to increase sales conversion.

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