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The conversion may be tripled if you follow these 4 steps for landing page optimization
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Digital marketers always want to seek more leads from digital marketing campaign. Apart from optimizing the online ad account structure, keywords, and creatives, landing page should also be considered as a key impact to the final conversion. According to the previous data, there is 3 times the difference in conversion rate for ads' landing page, without optimization and continuous optimization. The role of the landing page in advertising is significant, but advertisers may be confused and do not know where to optimize or may feel tired of putting more effort into changing the landing page.

Although landing pages for different industries and products are different, good landing pages always have something in common. This article will share 4 steps to optimize landing pages, hoping to help you improve ad conversions.

Step 1: Identify the key selling points so that users won't miss your page

Catching the users' eyeballs in one second is important. Users should be able to capture the most critical information in one second after they enter your landing page. The following ABC model would tell you more: 

  • A (Audience): You need to be clear about your target audience, not just those who have the purchasing power of the product but those who will influence the decision to buy the product.

  • B (Belonging): The landing page continues the advertising creatives. Some landing pages had a high bouncing rate because the landing page's content did not meet the user's expectations.

  • C (Condition): The browsing status of users is different under different scenarios. Thus, advertisers should consider designing the landing pages based on the factors such as media choices and ad formats.

The top part design of the landing page is the most essential impact to catch the user's attention in one second and reduce the bounce rate. Here are 3 copywriting tips you can take advantage of:

(1) Benefit: What benefits can you bring to them?


For entrepreneurs, "give more space for the future",  represent not only the physical space but also hope and future.

(2) Command type: Give users an irresistible reason, such as a special promotion


(3) Interrogative: Make the users curious by asking "why". E.g.:

  • Study abroad service: Do you want to send your child to study abroad? Do you know how to apply?

  • Fitness classes: Why your body shape is not good enough even you lose weight?

Step 2: Convincing the users with your point

Opinion-based copy is often more persuasive than only listing the product information. Let's compare the following two content of the two moisturizing essences:

  • Copy 1:  Using 200 masks at one time? What kind of essence can help you save a one-year amount of masks?.

  • Copy 2: You deserve this moisturizing essence! 

The first copy will be more convincing and closer to the user's needs than the second. So how do you express your opinion so that it can directly hit the user's heart?

(1) Know how to choose: the time for users to read the landing page is very short, so try to summarize the core point in a concise sentence.

(2) New information: Use new angles and expressions to present your point of view.

(3) The attitude should be sincere: different product types adopt different sincere countermeasures, such as:

  • If the product is expensive but can bring positive impacts to users, express in a true, sincere, and warm tone. Using an ad copy of a real estate enterprise as example: Finding a warm living environment for your retired parents HERE.

  • If the unit price of your product / service is high and serve for addressing some problems of customers (such as hair treatment, weight reducing, etc.), you may use kind conversations and questions to make users feel that we sincerely want to help them solve their problems.


  • If the unit price of your product is low, with some specific functions (such as daily consumables, fitness, etc.), you may state the benefits directly.


Step 3: Emphasize the advantages to motivate users read the whole page

We suggest you consolidate the strengths and advantages of your products / services in your landing page through a reasonable design structure. Attracting users to read the content step by step:

(1) Display the landing page with well-designed graphics, especially for the 1st screen (the top part of the screen).

(2) The main strengths of your product should be placed in upper area of the page.

(3) List out different advantages of the product.

(4) List out evidence which prove the quality of the products.

(5) List out the strength of your brand.

(6) Show the target user group of the product.

Step 4: Convert viewers into your consumers through special call-to-action design

The ultimate purpose of your ad’s landing page is call-to-action. Here we are sharing some insights on how to design a Chinese style call-to-action to boost conversion. Refer to the three ideas below:

(1) Let users taste the sweetness: such as free testing, coupons, etc.


(2) Help users avoid suffering


(3) Take advantage of the user's aversion to loss.


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