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Budweiser fined ¥250,000 for including drinking actions in its advertisements
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2021-12-16 | 365 Views | Share:

Budweiser has been fined ¥250,000 for releasing a video advertisement showcasing drinking actions. The video in question is over 6 minutes long, and was posted on the registered and verified WeChat account of Budweiser’s Hoegaarden beer – ‘Hoegaarden01’ back in May.

The video was to promote the Fujia Spring Tour event. It included clinking glasses at the end of the video, a 3-second animation showing clinking glasses, and also a photo of female bloggers drinking during the event. 

Article 23 (2) of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China states that ‘advertisements on liquor shall not contain: any description of an act of drinking’. As such, the video advertisement violates advertising law. 

The video has since been removed from online platforms. 

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