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'我爱我家' ( I Love My Home ) was fined ¥200,000 for false advertisements
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The Shanghainese domestic real estate brokerage company ‘我爱我家’ (I Love My Home) was fined ¥200,000 by the Shanghai Jing’An District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau for placing false housing advertisements on the leading online housing trading platform, ‘安居客’ ( 


The Shanghai Jing’An District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau found in a daily inspection that 我爱我家 (I Love My Home) misled consumers with their second-hand housing advertisements. 

Advertisements in question were comprised of five advertisements for second-hand housing listings that did not match the actual living situation, and three advertisements for second-hand housing that did not exist. The properties were also not entrusted by sellers, nor were they verified by relevant departments. 

To date, this has been the second time 我爱我家 (I Love My Home) has been fined ¥200,000 by Shanghai Jing’An District Market Supervision Administration for false advertising this year. I Love My Home has also been fined a total of more than ¥400,000 three times. 

From October 7th, 2020 to December 10th, 2020, I Love My Home’s second branch on Xizang South Road also used the 安居客 ( platform to advertise their property listings. However, 60 advertisements containing false housing information were published during this period, and one piece of incorrect housing information was published in-store. After this incident, the company has since removed the above-mentioned false advertisements. 

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