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How Huawei promotes new mobiles in China using Qihoo 360
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Huawei, China's leading cell phone brand, introduced its HONOR Magic3 series of new cell phones on August 12 through Qihoo 360 media integrated marketing. Qihoo 360, founded in 2005, is one of China's top network security companies, with a range of products such as 360 Search and 360 Security Guard with an 800 million monthly active user base.

Huawei used 360 media's search, information flow, live broadcast, and other promotional tactics for this new product marketing. In just 4 days, it drove approximately 60 million visitors to the topics related to the new phone and the live broadcast, with over 200,000 people turning in on the day of the live broadcast to view the launch of the new product. We'll show you how Huawei's latest product utilizes 360 to capture the attention of many Chinese users in the sections below.

Promotion time

The launch promotion is divided into three stages, which are:

  • Warm-up for new product release: August 11-12 19:00;

  • Launch dateAugust 12 19:00-21:00;

  • Follow-up attractionAugust 12 21:00-August 15 21:00.

Main promotion method

Huawei’s new product launches have integrated the use of multiple forms of 360 promotion methods, which mainly include:

1. Display ads, such as 360 pictorial screensaver ads

The deployment of 360 pictorial screensaver advertising-based display advertising before the live broadcast of Huawei’s new products resulted in 34.24 million exposures for the new items. 

In addition, the ‘Pictorial Screensaver’ is one of the most prominent online advertising methods of 360, displaying brand ads in a full-screen manner after PC users with 360 Security Guard installed enter the lock screen. Interested users click on the ad and can jump to the brand’s landing page for conversion.


Pictorial screensaver ads during the warm-up period

The 360 Pictorial Screensaver received 145,000 exposures during the live broadcast.


Click on the pictorial screensaver ad to enter the launch live

2. Feed ads, such as“Fast Information”

Before and after the new product launch, Huawei promoted its information content and new product pages through infomercials. For example, Huawei’s information platform ‘fast information’, Huawei used banner and text chain and other forms of information flow advertising to bring 23.91 million exposures for the new products.


3. Simultaneous PC and mobile traffic attraction during the live broadcast

Huawei's new product launch used 360's live streaming tools to synchronize the online broadcast. At the same time, several PC and mobile products, such as 360 browser and 360 navigations, provided entrances to the live broadcast room to attract traffic. These portals brought 450,000 exposures and more than 200,000 viewers to the live broadcast during the live broadcast.  

Combined with a variety of 360 promotion resources, Huawei’s new product promotion completes the marketing loop of Chinese users searching for product information, booking a live broadcast, watching, watching back, going straight to the official website URL, to finally placing a purchase order, which can reach potential people more precisely.

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