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Tips for Designing Ad Landing Pages with High CVR
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When you advertise on online platforms to drive conversions like leads or inquiries, one of the key impacts to the overall performance shall be the design of the landing page.

Compare the two landing pages below.





  • Refer to case 1. The brand owner puts a lot of details and selling points all over the webpage. Users cannot locate a starting point of the contents and, therefore, cannot identify the most important message inside.

  • Refer to case 2, the top screen of the webpage looks simple and clear, where users easily locate the course name and the major selling points of the course. Then the brand owner puts other advantages of the course in the below parts of the webpage accordingly to convince users to leave their contacts to apply for the trial course (conversion).

A well-designed landing page can help users understand the contents expressed by the brand owner more effectively, thus leading to more conversions. In the next step, we will share the ways to design an easy-to-read landing page to help you drive more conversions.

Design landing pages with a high conversion rate

Landing pages with high conversions always have a sense of depth in their design to help users read and understand as much content as possible. Here are some ways to create a sense of depth of the landing page.

1. Size: Elements with different sizes can serve as a direction to the user's attention. You can show your key messages in larger sizes to draw extra attention from users.


2. Font: Users are more easily attracted by boldfaces like Microsoft JhengHei.

3. Contrast: Using multiple colors can make the element more eye-catching. You can use contrasting colors for different contents and components.


4. Aligning: Using rectangular elements or grids to align the contents.


5. Combination: Combine relevant contents in the same areas to help users identify different messages groups.

6. Reading mode: Arrange the contents following some regular routes of the user's sight, such as "F Route" and "Z Route".



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