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Lower your conversion cost and optimize your ad with oCPC!
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Many clients find it difficult when using traditional bidding ads (CPC / CPM). Not only does it have an unstable cost, but it is also time-consuming as it requires people to adjust prices manually. To optimize ad performances, 360 Search launched the auto advertising function for oCPC. So, how can we take advantage of oCPC to lower the cost and enhance ad performance?

Using Smart oCPC to optimize Ad Performance

oCPC: Optimized Cost Per Click (oCPC) is a new optimization method for search ads. oCPC helps advertisers to get more accurate traffic while controlling the conversion cost by targeted conversion, enhancing the ad’s performance and efficiency.

First, you need to set up a conversion cost, such as the cost of orders or submitted forms. Also, the initial bidding price is recommended to refer to the previous/historical conversion cost. 

The system collects data from previous ad promotions to help understand the likings of different users. 

After a certain amount of conversion, oCPC enters phase two. The system uses the previously collected data to maximize the ads’ exposure to target users more likely to be converted. With the help of the system’s auto adjustments and keywords and creative marketing strategies, the conversion cost will be ideal for advertisers and efficiently enhance the ad’s effectiveness.

Industry Case Study

1. Client from the education industry

After using oCPC, their conversion cost was lowered by 24%, increasing 121% of conversions.

2. Client from the gaming industry

After using oCPC to target the keyword “Legend”, their conversion cost was lowered by 104%. 

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